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Before the introduction of Android application development, Hybrid mobile apps were mainly deployed in all the mobile phones. Hybrid mobile apps are any mobile application that is built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are hosted inside a native application that uses a mobile platform’s Web View. Thus the Hybrid app is covered by a thin native container that provides access to native platform features. Target Icon is such an organization who is well-trusted in the mobile application domain of the IT industry for developing Hybrid mobile apps.

These Hybrid mobile apps could be found in the apps store for installing them in the mobile devices. React Native is another technology used for the development of Hybrid mobile app in Target Icon. The company ensures the implementation of the latest technologies for accomplishing the latest trends of the market. The hybrid apps are compatible with various mobile platforms.

Benefits in Developing Hybrid Mobile Applications

Apart from the interest of compatibility with various mobile platforms, it has a few other advantages which are as listed below:


Improved User Interface

All the mobile users expect the applications to appear in a fast and glitch-free manner that can be handled conveniently like it should be instantly responsive in different devices. Hybrid mobile apps provide a responsive screen with the capability to adjust to different device screens configurations. It also solves the problem of fluctuation in data streaming. The hybrid mobile app UI is lightweight which helps in loading any content and high definition graphics.


Reduced Development Cost

Developing a hybrid mobile application is relatively cheaper than any other web or native mobile application and also takes lesser time. As it is cost-efficient, so it plays a vital role in helping the enterprise to get their product in the market at a very less time. Thus to speed up the development process of hybrid mobile apps, the developers use various development frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc.


Offline Support

A hybrid mobile app provides the benefit of accessing mobile apps data at the time of poor or no internet connection. These apps store the API of the mobile to save the offline data that helps in loading the application quickly. Most of the users tend to reduce the mobile data consumption but wants to have uninterrupted access to the app’s data which is possible with the hybrid mobile apps.


Ease of Integration

The hybrid apps leverage the internal programming system of the mobile through an overlay that helps in the synchronization with other compatible apps. It reduces the problem of integration and works well with the device’s native applications like camera, GPS, etc.


Hybrid mobile apps are highly flexible, platform independent, convenient to use and compatible with any mobile device. The benefit of easy integration and offline support makes the apps ready to market in this technologically competitive era. TargetIcon provides top class hybrid app development services that are not only cost-oriented but are also quality driven, that too in much lesser time.

Technology Stack

We develop hybrid applications by using standard web technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React Native, etc.

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa Touch
    Cocoa Touch
  • 3D Touch
    3D Touch
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications
  • In App Purchases (IAP)
    In-App Purchases (IAP)
  • Core Data
    Core Data
  • Sirikit
  • HealthKit
  • CallKit
  • CocoaPods
  • AFNetworking
  • SQLite
  • Core Data
    Core Data
  • Realm Mobile Database
    Realm Mobile Database

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