Azure Cloud Migration

A robust JavaScript-based platform, widely accepted for developing hybrid and feature-packed applications. It is a well-tested way to bring a modern touch to the web applications. Mean stack development is an amazing combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS.


Target icon works as a third party cloud, effectively enabling many organizations to concentrate on their core business (es) rather than expanding and investing resources in infrastructure and maintenance. We are a responsible technical consultancy agency which assists the clients in every possible manner.

One of our agency’s main focal point lies in cloud services. The term cloud refers to the accessing of computers as well as software through a specific network connection with the help of data centers using the WAN or internet connectivity.

What is Azure Cloud Migration?

Azure cloud migration allows migration in the cloud with all your existing data safe and secure. This service helps you in the transition even if you are not using the cloud but intend to do so. Large firms have vast amounts of data to handle with. Azure cloud migration service of Target icon makes the transition of the data more accessible than before. Our developers help by providing the service not only to organizations and firms but also to individuals.

Azure cloud migration operates well with host collaboration systems, to run big data software applications along with moving applications off from costly data centers. Shifting to Azure saves Capex by converting the expenses to Opex model for cloud computing. The clients can also work at higher speeds 24 x 7 at lowered IT infrastructure managing prices.


So, if you as an individual or an organization are considering to migrate to Azure Cloud Migration then write to us at Target icon. Our Azure specialists will reply at the earliest and guide you through every step of the procedure.

About Azure Cloud Migration by Targeticon

Target icon’s team of professionals are always ready to give excellent expert advice. We surely guide and motivate people to expand their business and thereby increase their profits. Our teams comprise of members who have a high range of skills specialized in their particular field. The set of experienced staffs and developers manage all tasks and assignments related to cloud and other projects. There are various other benefits of using our services some of which are listed below:


Proven Methods

Target icon’s Azure experts guide clients with proven methodologies and blueprints. It has a built cloud computing system wherein Azure specialists create POCs, configure Azure for other sets of systems, prepare solution accelerators to decrease time to time marketing, motivating development for successful Azure assignments.


No downtime or loss of data

We enable firms to shift the most complex workloads to Azure without any downtime, intervention or loss of data. Through regular, block-level replica, conversion of automated machinery and start orchestration, Target icon simplifies the whole herculean task, free from any human errors.


Service Oriented

Our valuable team members are always quality driven, and their uttermost goal is to provide high-end services to our clients. Which also helps in creating a competent workforce.

Technology Stack

We develop hybrid applications by using standard web technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React Native, etc.

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa Touch
    Cocoa Touch
  • 3D Touch
    3D Touch
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications
  • In App Purchases (IAP)
    In-App Purchases (IAP)
  • Core Data
    Core Data
  • Sirikit
  • HealthKit
  • CallKit
  • CocoaPods
  • AFNetworking
  • SQLite
  • Core Data
    Core Data
  • Realm Mobile Database
    Realm Mobile Database

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